Merlo self-loading concrete mixers in Palermo and Trapani

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DBM 2500 EV

self-loading concrete mixers

Compact and efficient, Merlo concrete mixers in Palermo and Trapani are ideal for the areas, which cannot be easily reached by the traditional concrete mixers of if you need to produce high quality concrete directly on the construction site. Empty weight is 6100 kg, maximum concrete production 2500 m2, geometrical drum volume 3500l, loading blade capacity 700 l, water tank capacity 800l.

DBM 3500 EV

self-loading concrete mixers

Empty weight is 7200 kg, geometrical drum volume 5000l, loading blade capacity 700l, water tank capacity 950l. Merlo concrete mixers in Palermo and Trapani DBM enable to quickly produce mixtures of various types, from the most fluid mortars to low slump concrete, in the quantities requested and at the precise moment it needs to be poured, with countless advantages compared to the traditional system of premade concrete.