Ihimer aerial tracked platforms in Palermo and Trapani

Ihimer aerial tracked platforms with petrol or diesel engines

LEM 1350

aerial tracked platforms ihimer

Lem 1350 is the only new telescopic self-propelled boom with fly jib in this range of Ihimer aerial tracked platforms in Palermo and Trapani. Its variable gauge undercarriage 780-980 mm offers greater stability under difficult working conditions and with 50% grade slopes. Available with petrol engine and remote-control version, it is easy to use and excellent for rental operations. The machine's average weight is 1450 kg.

LEM 1500

aerial tracked platforms ihimer

This tracked aerial platform is extremely robust, compact and easy to handle. It can reach difficult areas of intervention, in the presence of obstacles, guaranteeing a stable position at any altitude. It works easily on the roofs of houses, tall trees and within construction sites. The spacecraft has a maximum capacity of 200 kg and is balanced by a cylinder operated from the telescopic arm. To facilitate the passage of the platform, the spacecraft is removed with ease. The retractable crawler undercarriage (from 782 mm to 1060 mm) ensures greater stability on uneven terrain and allow for slopes up to 24 °. Lem 1500 is available with Honda GX390 petrol engine (11 HP at 3600 rpm) or a diesel Yanmar LN100 (9.9 HP at 3600 rpm).

LEM 1800

aerial tracked platforms ihimer

Among Ihimer aerial tracked platforms in Plaermo and Trapani, the Lem 1800 is a safe, functional and innovative machine that delivers performance second to none. Yet another example of superior Ihimer design. Ultra compact when the tracks are retracted, the platform is able to access the tightest of spaces, and with the tracks extended, the machine will negotiate uneven terrain without difficulty.
With a 18 metres maximum working height capability and 8.5 metres lateral reach, the Lem 1800 platform can operate in positions normally inaccessible to other equipment, making it ideal for roof repairs, pruning tall trees, servicing street lamps and a multitude of other applications. The work platform has a load capacity of max 200 kg, and is easily removable if the machine needs to be manoeuvred through narrow gaps.
The Lem 1800 is available with a Honda GX 390 (11 HP at 3600 rpm) petrol engine, or with a Yanmar LN100 Diesel engine (13 HP at 3600 rpm).

LEM 2200

aerial tracked platforms ihimer

LEm 2200 is one of Ihimer aerial tracked platforms in Palermo and Trapani designed to be innovative, reliable, functional with top performance. Super-light, agile, easy to transport, it is very versatile and a state-of-the-art model, that is unique in its product sector, thanks to the variable stabilization system, which is used in the most restricted spaces. Each stabilizer might be used in two positions, wihtout limiting the position of the others. The exceptional stabilization system of the undercarriage enables the machine to be placed where there are obstacles and / or slopes.
With a maximum height of 21.70 metres, a side outreach of 10.30 metres, and a basket capacity 230 kg; it is a necessary tool, to reach all those places that are difficult to reach at height. Ideal for maintenance work on roofs, pruning tall trees and working on very high places, which are difficult to reach.