Ihimer retailer in Palermo and Trapani

Authorized and exclusive Ihimer retailer

Di Paola S.r.l. is the exclusive and authorized Ihimer retailer in Palermo and Trapani. The experience and skills gained over the years have enabled the company to know the machines manufactured by Ihimer in detail. Therefore, the staff is now able to suggest them to their clients, depending on their professional needs and desires. Ihimer is one of the leading companies that manufactures earth-moving machines and is a synonym for reliability, solidity and quality, which are key factors in this industry. 

The company Ihimer is the earth-moving department of Imer group, which has become famous for its more and more international development and increasing diffusion in the world market. The company Di Paola, Ihimer retailer in Palermo and Trapani, offers these machines to its clients.

They are world-wide famous for their extraordinary quality and extremely high performance. Ihimer was established in 1962 and it initially manufactured cement mixers, cement plants, lifters, aerial platforms and other construction equipment and machines. Over the time a strong commercial, distributional and business synergy has brought the brand to develop foreign networks to export its products all over the world. Di Paola, Ihimer retailer in Palermo and Trapani, includes among its machinery: excavators, mini-excavators, skid loaders, aerial tracked platforms.



Mini-excavators from 0.9 to 2.7 tons and excavators from 3.0 to 6.0 tons.

skid loaders

Skid loaders

Skid-steer loaders and track loaders.



Mini-dumpers with dump platforms, cement mixers, levelling blades and trilateral dump platform.


Synonymous with power and stability. Thanks to the rear frame it is possible to carry out excavation operations in complete safety.