Di Paola S.r.l. in Palermo and Trapani

Earth-moving machines and accessories for sale, guaranteed by the experience of the company Di Paola S.r.l.

Di Paola S.r.l. in Palermo and Trapani supplies new and second hand earth-moving machines and all their accessories. It aims to supply all the necessary tools for those using this type of machinery in their professional business. The long experience of this company guarantees complete and reliable services, the expert, professional, serious and reliable staff gives advice and helps clients choose the most suitable products for their needs. The accurate selection of such machines enables the clients to choose the best solutions on the market and high performing machines.

Di Paola S.r.l. is the leading company in the sector of earth-moving machines and its key features are its professionalism and skills, which have enabled it to achieve a great success and supply very famous, highly qualified brands to meet every client’s need.

For many years the company has become a reference point for those looking for high performing and totally reliable machines, which efficiently carry out earth-moving operations and are top quality

Di Paola S.r.l. in Palermo and Trapani is the official and exclusive retailer for many companies including Ihimer, Caterpillar, Merlo, Imer International, Socomec, Montabert, Simex, U.emme and Atlas Copco. These are the leading brands in the manufacture of construction equipment and supply only top quality and efficient products. The constant innovation and the use of avant-garde technologies enable them to manufacture only very high performing and new generation machinery. The staff of Di Paola is constantly analysing the sector, in order to provide its clients with the chance of buying avant-garde and more and more advanced machines which handle a larger amount of material with less and less fuel. Their machines create fewer emissions or might be used in a completely new and autonomous way.