Socomec retailer in Palermo and Trapani

Di Paola is Socomec retailer

Di Paola S.r.l. is a Socomec retailer in Palermo and Trapani. Thanks to its experience and professional skills the staff has managed to select high quality and high performing accessories for earth-moving machinery.

Socomec S.p.A. is a leading company, which manufactures hydraulic attachments to crush and boasts almost forty years of experience. Founded in 1973 by the surveyor Maestri Riccciotti, a building contractor from Parma and is specialized in the manufacture of hydraulic breaker hammers for excavators. Di Paola, as Socomec retailer in Palermo Trapani, boasts a remarkable experience and deep knowledge about this type of accessories and its staff is able to provide specialized advice focused on the clients’ needs.

The machinery of the company Di Paola srl, Socomec retailer in Palermo and Trapani, include: hydraulic selector grabs and hydraulic shears.

hydraulic selector grabs

Hydraulic selector grabs

Extremely versatile, excellent for the demolition of structures and buildings without reinforced concrete, for the recycling, the selection and the movement of demolished materials.

hydraulic steel shears

Hydraulic steel shears

Compact, strong and entirely built with special steel to resist against abrasion.

demolition crushers

Demolition crushers

Entirely manufactured with hardened steel to resist abrasion. They are all equipped with interchangeable teeth, sturdy blades to cut reinforced steel and hydraulic cylinders with hardened stem.



Mono-block breakers without tie rods. The piston is equipped with a strong hydraulic brake able to avoid harmful blank firing to the breaker.