Simex retailer in Palermo and Trapani

The company Di Paola is the authorized Simex retailer

Di Paola S.r.l. is a Simex retailer in Palermo and Trapani and supplies accessories for earth-moving machinery to its clients. The deep knowledge of such machines is the base to provide a competent and professional consulting service to those whishing to buy this type of products for their business.

Simex was founded in 1991 in San Giovanni in Persiceto, Bologna. This brand has stood out for its hydraulic equipment for earth-moving machinery. Over the time it started to manufacture cutter heads to be mounted on backhoe excavators and mini-dumpers. Later, Simex became famous for manufacturing excavating wheels, wheel compactors, asphalt pavers and has reached the top levels manufacturing equipment for road works and it is still the undisputed leader. Di Paola, being aware of the high quality of these products, has become Simex retailer in Palermo and Trapani.

Specifically, among the machinery of the company Di Paola S.r.l., Simex retailer in Palermo and Trapani, you may find: cutter heads, asphalt pavers, vibrating plate compactors, self-levelling planers, planers for excavators, planers for excavator booms, wheel saws, vibrating wheel compactors.

cutter heads

Cutter heads

TF models from 200 to 3000.

asphalt pavers

Asphalt pavers

ST 160 and ST 200.

vibrating plate compactors

Vibrating plate compactors

Simex PV vibrating plate compactors are designed to have the highest performance to compact trench beds.

self-levelling planers


PL 60.25 and PL 100.25.

self-levelling planers

Self-levelling planers

Self-levelling planers for standard flow, high flow and high power.

planers for excavators

Planers for excavators

PHD 450 and PHD 600.

planers for excavator booms

Planers for excavator booms

PLB models from 200 to 600.

wheel saws

Wheel saws

High sensitivity and safety, the wheel is protected at any depth.

vibrating wheel compactors

Vibrating wheel compactors

CT 2.8 and CT 2.8 boom.