Montabert retailer in Palermo and Trapani

Di Paola is Montabert authorized retailer

The company Di Paola is authorized Montabert retailer in Palermo and Trapani. Its great experience in the earth moving market has enabled the staff to select the best accessories for this type of products and to supply them to its clients.

Montabert is a French company specialized in designing, manufacturing and supplying demolition machinery, hydraulic breakers, civil works and mining and quarry industry. 

The company is based in the Lyon area and is the undisputed worldwide leader in hydraulic breakers and drifters. Montabert offers a wide range of top performing products. 

The accessories supplied by Di Paola, Montabert retailer in Palermo and Trapani, include high performing and top quality breakers.

rock breakers

rock breakers

Silver Clip and BRH 501. Technologically advanced, sturdy with top performance.